Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TV and video games like cocaine?

TV and video games are like cocaine to ASD children--Very addictive. given the opportunity, some ASD children (and adults) will be happy to replace all human interaction with TV and Video Games.

Several things contribute to this phenomena:
1) the Light Emitting Diodes that make up TV and Computer screens emit rather than reflect light. This is very different than the way we normally see (think of it as staring into a flashlight) and can have a stress-inducing effect on the nervous system.
2) The flicker of the screen also has a stress-inducing effect. Some epileptic children can be thrown into seizures by the flicker of a computer screen.
3) The average cartoon or children's program changes the screen every 0.8 to 1.5 seconds. This has the effect of making everything more exciting and, again, has a stress-inducing, attention-robbing effect on the ASD child.
4) Finally, in order to appeal to both adults and children, most children's programs contain adult languaging and adult references. These references can be extremely confusion or disconcerting to ASD children who are already often struggling with understanding social conventions.

My experience is that most ASD children will benefit greatly from limited (one hour a day) TV and Media up through the age of twelve.

While I may be convenient for parents to use the TV as a babysitter (even I do it on occasion), we, and our children, will likely pay a high price in the long run for excessive Media exposure.

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