Friday, June 8, 2012

Child Lacking focus after lunch

Q: "I have a son with PDD and his speech is improving tremendously but but his teacher says after lunch he lacks focus." A: What can I do to help?? Is he on meds?" Q: "No." A: "ok, so its not a question of his meds wearing off. How old is he?" Q: "He's five and it seems that the nore he talks the more he acts out but im happy he can express himself now The problem is that 4 or 5 hours is a long time for ANY 5 year old to be expected to sit quietly." A: :I'm guessing he goes to lunch/playground and has trouble bringing himself back down into the confines of the classroom The two things I would recommend are one or two of the daily neuro-sensory exercises in our Reading Made Easy program on youtube at" The other is in combination with the exercises, pick a time when he's relaxed and calm... have him standing up walking around and imagining that he's outside after lunch all excited and having fun... Then have him imagine coming into the classroom, sitting down and S L I D I N G .... into a relaxed and focused state so he can do really well in class. Do what we call a break state, which is a 10 second distraction then repeat the imagination from playground to coming in to class and sliding into a relaxed and focused state. I'd say practice this 3 times in a row. every day for a week. I think you'll see a huge difference.


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