Sunday, July 8, 2012

ADHD and Sleep

The first thing to remember is that for folks on the autistic spectrum (and visual-spatial thinkers in general) sleep is an annoyance at best and a miniature death sentence at worst) One issue may be that he is waking up at the transitions between sleep cycles (90 minutes each). For 'normal' folks this a merely a minute or two of semi-awakeness after which the person gently drifts off to sleep. For the ASD person, however, this brief awakeness sparks a flood of visual-spatial images to fill the emptiness of the moment which in turn sparks a flood of emotions. (nightmares or even night terrors are not totally uncommon). Something I've done for some folks, including myself, is to create CD's with binaural and monaural beats, overlayed with either white niose, nature sounds or relaxing music. When appropriate, I've also embedded subliminal messages to help with the sleep pattern or other behavior modification. Hope that helps...


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