Sunday, March 11, 2012

how to improve IEP's

The problem is public schools have their way of doing things and everything else is essentially off limits or disregarded. In a one-size-fits-all model, recognizing different learning styles and using brain-training and educational coaching to improve a child's ability to learn are simply not recognized.

Understanding a child's learning style and teaching them HOW to learn, is key to their improvement.

ps: I'm NOT talking about the outdated learning style model (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). I'm referring to a new model that uses 4 distinct learning styles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Schools need to STOP trying to change children into something they are not. They need to STOP teaching to a child's weaknesses. They need to understand and appreciate a child's strengths.

Here's an example: A child is identified as having ADHD (possibly Dyslexia). Everyone's talking about what he can't do. He can't focus. He can't pay attention. He can't retain what he reads (probably mis-read and poor comprehension). EVERYONE is focused on what he can't do.

That same child probably has exceptional puzzle-solving skills and pattern recognition. He has amazing visual-spatial acuity, IF he can be taught to use it. With brain-training and some stress-reduction exercises, he could be taught to focus. If taught to read and spell visually rather than auditorally, he can memorize anything. given simple strategies to organize his thoughts, he can be an amazing writer.

Hope that helps.

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