Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ADHD and Therapy

In my experience, therapists are good with temporary behavior issues resulting from a bad experience or communication issues. But I've rarely seen therapy work with disorders such as ADHD, Bipolar or ODD. The problem for therapists is that they rely on some form of cognitive therapy. This means a) they need to achieve rapport with the client (with an ADHD reactive client, probably NOT GOING TO HAPPEN); and b) overcoming unconscious reactive behaviors with with cognitive therapy is almost impossible. When it is possible, it takes YEARS! Just ask any therapist how long they see their average client. It's typically measured in YEARS. My kids were on a fast track to oblivion even after a year of therapy and tutoring. I couldn't wait years hoping for something to happen. However, if the therapist can build unconscious rapport and get your child out of his fight-or-flight stress response and into a relaxed, parasympathetic response, if she can build rapport and reprogram his reactions to unexpected changes to the environment at the unconscious level, and if she can teach you how communicate with him in such a way as to avoid many of those breakdowns, that would be awesome. Those are the things that I had to learn, myself. Now I make those skills available to clients.


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