Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm having trouble with Temple Grandin's mother

OK, I'm having mixed emotions about Temple Grandin's mother.

More and more I've been reading or hearing Temple Grandin's mother made her do this. Temple Grandin's mother made her do that. Temple Grandin's mother forced her to go here and there.

We need to remember that Temple Grandin's mother was VERY educated and Temple, herself has an extreemly high I.Q. She followed her instincts with Temple and paid very close attention to the results.

If she had blindly followed some personal agenda or someone else's advice, she could have just as easily drove her to suicide. As it was, in order to survive her mother's pushing, Temple, herself, came up with some fairly extreme coping mechanisms.

My point here is, EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT. Pushing them to utilize their abilities is one thing. Pushing them beyond their limits is simply cruel.

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