Friday, December 14, 2012

It's all about language and perception.

As ADHD folks it's OUR responsibility to realize that we don't perceive the world the way 'normal' people do. If we want to be 'heard'. if we want to communication effectively, we have to make the effort to speak in a way that others can hear us. Here's a tip: If you're ADHD and you want to say something, STOP. And first make sure you've heard and understood what the other person said. Many times people feel misunderstood, when the real problem is they're not taking the time and attention to understand everyone else. Instead of listening to that chatter inside your head. Stop, focus on what the other person is saying and visualize/imagine/make a picture of what the other person is saying. Now, Based on that picture, respond to the other person. or... If you have something you'd like to say (to a 'normal' person), STOP, make a picture (one picture) of what you want to say, pick a direction (right to left, left to right, top to bottom), and calmly, step-by-step describe your picture to the other person. REMEMBER: Most normal folks are linear thinkers. Auditory, verbal, NOT outside the box. They need a straight line connecting each of the dots (points) in your story. Hope that helps....


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